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Featured Book of the Month:

Robert DeMarco: Live Gay or Die Lying

Gavin Harrison: "Petals and Blood" 

"Petals and Blood" weaves ecstatic poetry with stories drawn from the poet’s stark, vulnerable and adventurous life: from growing up gay in South Africa with a childhood pervaded by sexual abuse, to multiple near-death encounters from living with HIV for over 30 years, to his embrace of Buddhism and Sufi poetry. Defying apartheid, helping orphaned children in Africa, realizing Oneness with murderers in a maximum-security prison, uniting with The Infinite at the threshold of death, making peace with illness and betrayal, offering prayers to the Goddess Pele in Hawai’i and his devotion to Mother Africa. The stories and poems remind us that our Essential Nature remains unsullied and untouched by whatever may befall us, no matter how unfortunate the circumstances of our lives may be. 

Gavin Harrison is donating five dollars from the sale of every book purchased via his website petalsandblood.com  to organizations providing support to those affected by HIV, AIDS and poverty. 
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