Adriano Bulla:

  • Adriano Bulla has published two texts on
  1. His short story "The Tree of Knowledge"
  2. An excerpt of his novel "The Road to London"

Adriano Bulla is a writer, poet, and literary critic. Born in Italy and educated in different universities at graduate and post-graduate level. Previously a lecturer of literature in higher education in Milan, an ESOL tutor and lecturer, he now teaches English at Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham College in London.

His earliest publications are in the late 90's, with atricles about composition, the Modernists and Derek Walcott. He has also published in 'The Guardian' and published a collection of short stories, Illuminations in 2004 and a collection of poetry Ybo' and Other Lies (ISBN 190061190) in 2005. He is about to publish his novel The Road to London.

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