Adriano BULLA:
"The Road to London"

A (dark) romance novel.

The Road to London is a journey, not so much through space, but through the soul of difference. A bildungsroman, a very dark romance, a coming-of-age, a coming out to oneself novel, this novel does not conform to the established genres of literature: it is, in fact a 'spiritual novel', a novel not so much about the mind as the soul. From birth to contact with the metaphysical and the other world through death, this novel follows the painful path of an anonymous soul born in the wrong place and at the wrong time, through the first glimpses of a 'different' sexuality, not only gay, but fetishist, a different vision of the world, through dreams, hallucination and windows of another world that open and close within the reality of this life, to the creation of a world of one's own, bullying, rejection from society and the 'others', through the painful days of school and beyond, where conformity means only the creation of an artificial world, heavy drinking, music, drugs and denial to the final vision of a way out.

'Letters' from the future, from the distant London echo the story from a club where the relationship with My Dear develops.

Encounters with women and boys, friends and lovers, the difficult relationship with the family make the journey towards freedom and light, freedom from oneself as well as others, away from 'the Grey City' hard, but spicy, colourful.

Each chapter has its own palette of colours, its own 'significant others' that accompany this journey.

The style is poetic, in the search of a sentence that is poetic in prose and explodes into poetry when the heart beats faster.

The final pages, or appendix, explain through death and a metaphysical journey how things could end, only could.


‘One of the greatest and darkest romance stories I’ve ever read,’ (Best-selling author Sarah Luddington)


A light... 
A birth... 
A journey... 
An escape—not just from the whispering noise of expectations but from the growing awareness of a different life, a different path, a different quest. 

The greatest love letters are written in prose but bring forth the poet’s heart, awakening in the receiver an equal passion—or so the writer hopes. 

This love letter tells the story of how I reach London, how I reach you, My Dear, how I come to love so deeply, so truly and completely.

The journey was not easy, beloved. I faced many ugly trials on this narrow path—but also tests that were... Fun, naughty, spicy and the stuff of memories which will make me smile into my old age, whether you are with me or not.

I have no regrets, My Dear, except one... Just one... 
It took me too long to find you...

Publishers: Glastonbury Publishing, Mirador, Netherworld Books

ISBN: 9781909224896

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